By the Bay Health (formerly Hospice by the Bay)

Keywords: adults, bereavement, older adults
Best point of contact for inquiries: Mimi DeGennaro,, (415) 444-9205
Additional Information:  By the Bay Health is offering a series of drop-in Zoom information sessions for potential CIIS trainees all week, 1/19-1/22. Please see attached document for details!
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Tell us your name, your role, the name of your site/agency.

Mimi DeGennaro, LCSW, Bereavement Training Supervisor, By the Bay Health (formerly Hospice by the Bay)

Give us a brief overview of the site, the population served, its philosophy and mission.

Trainees and post graduate Associates provide grief counseling and support services to clients grieving the loss of a loved one. Our program offers individual, family, and group grief counseling, as well as workshops and classes on the topic of grief and loss to the community. Although we are currently offering remote counseling services, we do have offices in SF, Marin, and Sonoma. Our client populations are reflective of the communities in those three counties.ù

What are the typical duties of a trainee? In particular, what are they responsible for beyond client work?

Phone outreach, phone intakes, telehealth grief counseling sessions, facilitation of grief support groups, workshops and classes, documentation in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), group and individual supervision, staff meetings.

How does the client assessment and referral process work at your site?

Prospective clients call into our Bereavement Department requesting grief services and are scheduled for a 20-minute phone Intake with a Trainee/Associate. Following the phone intake the Trainee/Associate will document into an EMR and will forward the information onto a Supervisor for case assignment.

What can you tell us about a typical caseload for trainees?

Trainees can expect to see 2-3 counseling clients per work day, in addition to their conducting grief support outreach calls and completing intakes.

How is supervision structured at your site?

Weekly 1:1 Supervision for 1 hour. Weekly Group Supervision for 2 hours.

How is training structured, and what kind of training is offered?

By the Bay Health highly values staff development and training. Trainees/Associates are provided an initial comprehensive 4 week Agency Orientation/Initial Bereavement Training to help orient them to our agency and to the specialization of grief counseling. Training segments are woven into weekly Group Supervision in addition to monthly staff In-Service trainings on a variety of topics related to our work in Bereavement. Seasoned Interns/Associates help to train new staff.

In your experience, what attributes contribute most to a trainee’s success?

A passion for supporting individuals experiencing grief, attention to detail, comfortable working with a great deal of structure and protocols, good time management and strong work ethic. Ours is a fast paced, vibrant and ever evolving non-profit agency.

In your experience, what have trainees found most challenging at your site?

Learning and implementing various procedures/protocols, and achieving best practice in documentation in EMR.

Is there anything else you’d like potential trainees to know?

By the Bay Health has welcomed many CIIS students and graduates into our Bereavement Training Program and we highly value and appreciate the creative and innovative paradigms, including Expressive Arts and Somatic Treatment training that CIIS students/graduates bring to their work. While we are unable to offer a stipend to trainees, the hourly salary for post graduate intern/associates is $22/hr.

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