By President Emerita Judie Wexler May 26, 2020

Dear CIIS Community,

Over the last week, both the CIIS Board of Trustees and the Institutional Budget and Planning Committee (IBPC) had extensive discussions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CIIS, especially on its students. Those discussions led the IBPC to recommend, and the Board to agree, to eliminate the 2.5% tuition increase that had been approved for the 2020-21 academic year For students in the School of Consciousness and Transformation and the School of Professional Psychology and Health. Tuition rates will be maintained at the 2019-20 level.

The IBPC also recommended, and the Board agreed, to create a hardship fund to help students with particular need related to the impact of COVID-19. Trustees then went further and themselves contributed to that fund. 

We recognize that these are difficult times for everyone, with some people and communities being hit harder than others. We remain committed to helping our students continue to make progress toward achieving their academic goals. Now more than ever, society needs people with the skills and perspectives they have been developing at CIIS.

I especially want to thank the faculty and staff who have been working tirelessly to support their students. As everyone is well aware, CIIS has limited resources, so when more is given in one area, there is less in another; funds are not currently budgeted for programmatic or salary increases. We will be monitoring resources and enrollment carefully, as we continue to learn how the pandemic is impacting higher education in general and CIIS in particular.



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