By Kathy Littles, PhD, Provost April 26, 2022

Dear CIIS Students,

Some good news; we seem to be in a relatively stable moment with COVID, moving steadily from pandemic to endemic.  We thank you all for the good work you’ve done to keep your education and our community strong and vibrant while during the pandemic.  We know it was not easy.

We also want to let you know that Fall 2022 will see a robust increase in classes offered on site at CIIS.  This is both exciting and well earned!  If you are in a program that offers its courses in-person, please check with your Program Manager for details about Fall classes.

We have also updated the COVID resources pages on our website to reflect this progress, here’s the link to updates and resources:

Thank you all again for doing this work with us the past two + years—we appreciate all of your efforts and resilience.


Kathy Littles, PhD, Provost

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