Trinity Ordona Trinity Ordona

Guest Speaker
Women's Spirituality

Trinity A. Ordona, Ph.D., CCSF instructor since 2001. Trinity studied social movement theory and the history of identity politics and received her doctorate in History of Consciousness from UC Santa Cruz (2000). She was the Associate Director of the UCSF Lesbian Health Research Center from 2002-04 and now works with survivors of sexual violence, teaching and facilitating access to non-discursive healing modalities from Western and Eastern traditions to under-served populations. To this end, Trinity founded and coordinates Healing For Change, a CCSF student organization that sponsors campus-community healing events directed to survivors of violence and abuse. In addition, Trinity teaches self-healing meditation and offers psychic healing (individual sessions and group workshops and retreats) based on her own healing journey.

Trinity has a 40-year history of grass roots activism in people of color and queer communities promoting grass roots organizing strategies in local, national and international arenas. She is co-founder and board member of numerous initiatives and has received several awards including the UCSF Chancellor's Award for Public Service, Northern California GLBT Historical Society Award for Individual Historic Achievement and the BACW Lesbian of Achievement, Vision and Action Award. Her recent community organizing efforts focus on family and was the co-founder of Asian/Pacific Islander Family Pride (APIFP), an organization that provides resources to parents and siblings of API LGBT people.

She has spoken extensively and taught undergraduate and graduate college courses on history, culture, politics, social movements, sexuality, ethnicity, health and relationships as it relates to women, communities of color and LGBT people. In 2008, Trinity was named among "The 20 Most Influential Lesbian Professors" by CurveMagazine and along with her life partner of 20 years, given the "Phoenix Award" by the Asian/Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community (APIQWTC) of San Francisco.


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