Travis Svensson Bio Image Travis Svensson

Adjunct Faculty
Human Sexuality
School of Consciousness and Thought Transformation

PhD, Philosophy and Healthcare, University of Wales Swansea
AAS in Nursing, Excelsior College
ALM in Digital Media Design, Harvard
MA in Cinema Studies, SFSU

Doctor of Medicine, George Washington University

Dr. Travis K Svensson, though originally from Texas, has lived most of his adult life in the San Francisco bay area with brief periods in Oklahoma and the West indies. His pronouns are He/Him, he identifies as bisexual and is married with two children in college.
Dr. Svensson Is currently a candidate for a Doctor of Creative Arts in film and digital media at the University of Southern Queensland (Australia).  He completed a PhD in Philosophy and Healthcare (University of Wales Swansea) and a Doctor of Medicine (George Washington University), an MA in Cinema Studies (SFSU), an ALM in Digital Media Design (Harvard), an MPH in Administrative Medicine (GWU), an MBLS in Behavioral Sciences (St. Edwards Univ), and an AAS in Nursing (Excelsior College).  Dr. Svensson has completed post-graduate certificates in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (University of Wales College of Medicine), Learning Design and Technology (Harvard), and post-doctoral certificates in Family Nursing Practice and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Practice (USF).
Dr. Svensson has been involved in education throughout his 30-year career as a primary care provider, psychiatrist, addiction medicine, and pain medicine specialist.  He has taught at the community college, undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels at CCSF, UCSF, USF, Stanford, and UoPeople.  Most recently he has been working with medical students and graduate nursing students from UCSF, Stanford, and USF and teaching online with a cohort of International and American online students in Health Sciences from the University of the People. His research experience includes formal clinical psychopharmacology and clinical mental health studies with graduate research into the bioethics of sexual reorientation interventions and bisexual representations in film and media. The focus of his current doctoral research considers how best to manifest bi-positive representations on screen in film, television, and media.
From this diverse educational history and from a wide variety of teaching experiences with online, hybrid, brick-n-mortar, synchronous and asynchronous experiences, he has come to know that students come to the educational setting with a wide variety of goals and expectations.  His goal as a CIIS instructor is to help all students move towards their personal goals and exceed their expectations for their CIIS learning experience.

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