Photo of Smitha Gandra Smitha Gandra

No matter where you're starting from, transformation is possible. There are times we may feel overwhelmed in our life and our usual coping skills are not enough. Life has a tendency to throw curveballs our way, and in these junctures, we often feel lost and desire clarity and support. Having the space to share your voice within a therapeutic setting during these times can create new perspectives, and sometimes that is all you need to move in a direction that feels right for you. My aim is to offer you a safe and open place to explore these passages: wherever you are, wherever you've been and wherever you're going. I work with my clients to improve their relationships, find fulfilling life paths, and create more ease and joy in everyday life.

I work on a relational level, and my approach is warm, engaged, and to collaborate with clients as together we explore and address the goals that bring you into the room. I enjoy and welcome working with individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and identities.

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