sherrill lambruschini-ciis-graduate Sherill Lambruschini

Transformative Studies, PhD

Leadership Development Faculty
The Boeing Company
Boeing Leadership Center

Washington, US

My experience in the Transformative Studies program introduced me to the importance of understanding my research inquiry from an interdisciplinary paradigm. I firmly believe that if I had attended a doctoral program at a traditional institution, I would not have expanded myself as a scholar and researcher, and would have only understood my inquiry from a mono-disciplinary manner. Through my research and in my professional work as a developer of leaders, analogous to neural networks (like in the brain), the path always exists for leaders to create and nurture deeper levels of interpersonal connection in the workplace so to increase engagement and productivity.

The Connection Spectrum: How Leaders Experience Interpersonal Connection in the Workplace

I employed constructivist grounded theory to inductively generate a theory about how leaders experience interpersonal connection in the workplace. My theory is that leaders engage in a recursive process of visible and invisible behaviors that manifest on a connection spectrum. Leaders' experiences of interpersonal connection involve different levels of intensity that range from low to deep.

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