Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo, Associate Professor in the MA in Integral Counseling Psychology at CIIS Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo

Associate Professor
Integral Counseling Psychology
School of Professional Psychology and Health (SPPH)

MA, California Institute of Integral Studies

LLM, University of Warwick, United Kingdom; JD, Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico

Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo's credentials include a law degree (JD) from Queretaro's Autonomous University (Mexico), a master's degree (LLM) in International Economic Law from the University of Warwick (UK), two MAs in Integral Counseling Psychology and East-West Psychology, plus a certificate in Spiritual Counseling from CIIS. He also has a specialization in Spirituality and Leadership from the Sadhana Institute (India) plus a 10 years' apprenticeship as a curandero (shaman) in the Mexican Mazatec tradition.  Sergio is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Comparative Psychology and is also a mentor in the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research program.

Before becoming a psychotherapist, Sergio practiced International Business law for 12 years, then branched out into coaching and people development; and founded Purna Consulting in Mexico (a firm focused on promoting the implementation of spiritual informed practices into the business environment). Before joining CIIS he worked as a business consultant and taught in various institutions of higher education in Mexico. He is also the author of "Camino al Reino" on the relationship between psychotherapy and Christianity (Font, 2012). Currently, he teaches Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Communications, Couples and Marriage Counseling, and the Integrative Seminar. He also does spiritually informed business consulting work and runs workshops in Mexico and Latin America.

Sergio is passionate about finding links between diverse disciplines and traditions. Being Latino, bilingual, multicultural, and having a law background allows him to better understand the type of problems and challenges currently faced by minorities and diverse populations. His current research interests are multiple and informed by his professional and personal background and his spiritual path; these include bringing spirituality into the workplace, the application of psychedelics/entheogens into therapeutic work, the contribution of America's native traditions to psychotherapy, the further development of transpersonal psychotherapy, and the cross-pollination between psychotherapy and spirituality. He welcomes contact from people interested in these fields to further promote their study and development.

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