Sara Maria Acevedo Sara Maria Acevedo

Adjunct Instructor
School of Undergraduate Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies

MA, Temple University

BA, Universidad de Salamanca

Sara M. Acevedo is a neurodivergent mestiza, activist scholar, educator and disability justice advocate born and raised in Colombia, South America. She serves a Diversity and Disability Advocacy Fellow for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and is a doctoral candidate in the Anthropology and Social Change Program. Her current research explores activism as history making and qualitative collaborative research methods to challenge oppressive systems impinging on the right of disabled communities to produce cultural and political spaces of inherent value by and for themselves. Sara is currently exploring and documenting the politics of self-direction and self-governance across neurodivergent grassroots communities serving autistic and otherwise neurodivergent transitioning youth in the Bay Area. She utilizes activist ethnographic methods as a strategy to amplify the voices and lived experiences of disabled communities living oppressively at the intersections of race, class, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious practice, and political affiliation. Both her pedagogy and scholarship as well as her grassroots work invite a re-figuration of disability as a vibrant political and cultural experience as opposed to a flat clinical diagnosis.

My teaching philosophy :
"I have a deep passion for learning, an ever-expanding curiosity for the new, and an unwavering desire for spaces (geographic, temporal, and even fictive) in which the old and the new collide, creatively, against the backdrop of the current. I am a lover of the intersection and a deterrent of unfruitful polarization. I believe in prolific dialectics and avoid the circular dynamics of the binary. I simultaneously embrace contention, critique, and the recuperation of that which, in a piece of writing or a work of art, is consequential to the building of an alternative perspective to the world as we know it. I filter the prefigurative through praxis and experience practice through the lens of living utopias (guerrilla workshops, , activist ethnographic inquiry and grassroots co-creative communities reflecting and acting on the political from the peripheries). I envision the outcome of an ever-becoming community founded on the spirit of mutual recognition, mutual aid, solidarity, and the building of a human ethics beyond dogma. All this that I envision can only materialize in the context of horizontal learning; an experience that I commend as the most humanizing way of re-imagining other ways of being, collectively. All of the previous speaks to the realization that my passion for learning can only become fully realized in dialogue, in the flux of horizontal sharing and in the co-creation of ever-evolving bodies of knowledge - knowledges that are always open to transformation byway of collective inquiry and action."

To learn more about Sara and her work, please visit: 
Autismo, Liberación y Orgullo

Bachelor's Degree Completion Program Faculty

Sara Maria Acevedo Sara Maria Acevedo
Adjunct Instructor, School of Undergraduate Studies
MA, Temple University ,
BA, Universidad de Salamanca,
David Belden David Belden
Adjunct Lecturer,
D Phil, University of Oxford ,
BA, Oxford University,
Mordecai Cohen Ettinger Mordecai Cohen Ettinger
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Undergraduate Studies
MA, New College of California ,
BA, McGill University,
Axil Cricchio Axil Cricchio
Adjunct Lecturer,
MA, BA, California State University, Monterey Bay,
Michelle Eng Michelle Eng
Dean, Continuing Studies
Monique LeSarre Monique LeSarre
Adjunct Lecturer,
Adjunct Lecturer, Transformative Inquiry Department
PsyD, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Isabel Garcia-Gonzales Isabel Garcia-Gonzales
MFA, Mills College,
BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Marisa Handler
Adjunct Lecturer,
MFA, University of Iowa,
BA, University of California, Berkeley,
Yue Ming Huang
Program Coordinator, Bachelor's Degree Completion Program
Kathy Littles Kathy Littles
PhD, University of California, Davis,
Claudia Lodia Claudia Lodia
Adjunct Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kai Lundgren-Williams Kai Lundgren-Williams
Adjunct Senior Lecturer ,
Adjunct Senior Lecturer , Interdisciplinary Studies
PhD, Binghamton University ,
Alec MacLeod Alec MacLeod
MFA, Stanford University,
BA, Hampshire College,
Charlotte María Sáenz Charlotte María Sáenz
Senior Lecturer, School of Undergraduate Studies
MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
EdM, Harvard University,
Jessa Brie Moreno Jessa Brie Moreno
Adjunct Lecturer,
MFA, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Amanda Morrison Amanda Morrison
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Undergraduate Studies
MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,
BA, San Jose State University,
Sandra M. Pacheco Sandra M. Pacheco
Associate Professor,
PhD, MS, University of California, Santa Cruz,
BA, California State University, Los Angeles,
Brynn Saito Brynn Saito
Adjunct Lecturer,
Sara Salazar Sara Salazar
Adjunct Lecturer, Women's Spirituality
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Sonya Shah Sonya Shah
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
MFA, Art Institute of Chicago,
BA, Brown University,
Jesus Solorio Jesus Solorio
Adjunct Lecturer , School of Undergraduate Studies
BA, MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Nick Walker Nick Walker
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Undergraduate Studies
BA, MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Kerri Welch Kerri Welch
Adjunct Lecturer, Integrative Health Studies
Adjunct Lecturer, Philosophy and Religion Department
PhD, MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,
Zara Zimbardo Zara Zimbardo
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Consciousness and Transformation
MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,

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