Roseanne Olszewski Roseanne Olszewski

Alumna '13
Transformative Leadership

Founder Metamorphosis & Consultant

"I emerged from the program a woman integrated with vision, potential and courage."

It is hard to put into a few sentences the impact the TLD Master’s Degree program has had on my personal and professional life. Personally, I give credit to the classes, intensives, my cohort, and the TLD curriculum for my transformative journey. I emerged from the program a woman integrated with vision, potential and courage. My metamorphosis was supported by the CIIS/TLD faculty, as I explored creative worlds within my Self through a comprehensive course of study. As a result of this academic alchemy I found my professional voice, which allowed me to create a Capstone project of the work I needed to bring into the world. I’ve created a successful practice aptly named Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be! My work as a private counselor, consultant, and educator allows me to assist others on their life journey utilizing the creative leadership skills I honed in the TLD program at CIIS.

Transformative Leadership Alumni

Laura Handy Laura Handy
Alumna '06,
Executive Director, Heart of Oregon Corps
"The TLD program at CIIS taught me that leadership must be developed and cultivated at all levels of an organization, and gave me the tools I needed to reflect, listen, act, and persist as a leader.",
Sophie Herting Sophie Herting
Alumna '11,
Director of Customer Relations, EASYPEP
"The TLD Program has rooted me in this world and its effect continues to show up in my career, relationships and entire being.",
Sunder Kaur Khalsa Sunder Kaur Khalsa
Alumna '06,
Operations Coordinator,
"I was seeking a master's degree that would allow me to explore my own self as a leader while learning both subtle people development and leadership skills in partnership with down-to-earth practical skills for excelling as a leader in the 21st century.",
Erin Lightfoot Erin Lightfoot
Alumna '14,
Ph.D. Student,
"For anyone passionate about trailblazing community initiatives and putting one's leadership philosophy into action, this program is for you!",
Philip McAdoo Philip McAdoo
Alumnus '07,
Adjunct Assistant Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies
"I am grateful for the experience of the “intensives” and my cohort of educators; grateful for my instructors who validated and honored my presence every step of the way;",
Rajkumari Neogy Rajkumari Neogy
Alumna '10,
Executive Coach & Thought Leader,
"The balance of autonomy and guidance from the faculty provides the student with both the ability to reflect on course material and fosters the curiosity to explore tangential concepts.",
Elizabeth Nicolosi Elizabeth Nicolosi
Alumna '14,
Talent Development Manager,
"This hybrid learning model met all of my needs: challenging and interesting studies, an experiential learning approach, flexibility for a working professional...",
Roseanne Olszewski Roseanne Olszewski
Alumna '13,
Founder Metamorphosis & Consultant, Metemorphosis
"I emerged from the program a woman integrated with vision, potential and courage.",
Eric Reynolds Eric Reynolds
Alumnus '12,
"Completing the MA program in Transformative Leadership at CIIS was truly transformational. To say that it changed my life is an understatement.",
Tara Ryan Tara Ryan
Alumna '08,
Chief Marketing Officer, Coupa
"I practice integrating mind, body, and spirit as well as my personal and professional leadership into one present presence.",
Heather Scott Heather Scott
Alumna '14,
Executive Director,
"TLD provided a container for meaningful exploration of personal goals but, more importantly, it guided me to think in new ways and to discover my own truths relevant to the world today.",
Alejandra Siroka Alejandra Siroka
Alumna '12,
Communication Consultant, Language Alchemy
"The Transformative Leadership program helped me found and launch Language Alchemy, a transformative consulting and coaching business.",
Mark Austin Thomas Mark Austin Thomas
Alumnus '08,
Adjunct Professor & Part-Time News Anchor, Fullerton College
"My experience with the TLD program at CIIS was invaluable and something I draw on often, both to spot and develop leadership qualities in others and within myself.",

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