Rob Fisher Rob Fisher

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Integral Counseling Psychology
Counseling Psychology Department
School of Professional Psychology and Health

MA, Vermont College of Norwich University

BA, Know College

Rob Fisher, M.F.T., is the author of Experiential Psychotherapy With Couples, A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist and of a number of chapters and articles published internationally on couples therapy and the pyschodynamic use of mindfulness for publications such as the Psychotherapy Networker, The Therapist, The Journal Of Couples Therapy, The USA Body Psychotherapy Journal, Psychotherapy in Australia and others. An advocate of the use of mindfulness and present experience in psychotherapy, he is an adjunct professor at at JFK University as well as CIIS. As the Co-Developer of the Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program at The California Institute of Integral Studies, he has brought together many of the leaders in the realms of mindfulness and psychotherapy in one of the only programs in the US that teaches, not just the skills pf psychotherapy, but helps participants develop their internal state as well.

Rob is a speaker at conferences and workshops around the country such as CAMFT, USABP, The Psychotherapy Networker and The Relationship Council where he presents as a peer, master or keynote speaker. Teaching internationally in China, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Canada, Israel, and Bali, he is a Hakomi Mindfulness Based Experiential Psychotherapy Trainer and a director of Hakomi Institute of California.

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