Photo of Renu Cappelli Renu Cappelli

Perhaps you have sometimes watched birds flying in the sky: how they seem to have purpose but no set path, and how they swiftly change directions, or hover in one place and soar again in the next moment; can we call this movement freedom? We who walk on the ground with two feet sometimes pass through places in our lives disturbed by grief, pain, and conflict. Even in the most charred landscape, saplings and wildflowers grow, to regenerate what has been broken. The work of therapy seeks to provide loft to your flight, to support you when you wish to change directions or just to hover; to lovingly notice and nurture new ways of being that are germinating within you. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, we can do together the life-giving work of discovering you. I welcome birds of all feathers, life experiences, and life stages. Particular areas of my expertise include immigration, gender identity and sexuality, and the stress caused by systemic oppression, or by societal-familial norms that may restrict our capacity to be ourselves.

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