Monique LeSarre, MA, PsyD Monique Fralich-LeSarre

Adjunct Lecturer
Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Undergraduate Studies

Adjunct Lecturer
Transformative Inquiry Department
School of Conciousness and Transformation

PsyD, California Institute of Integral Studies

Monique LeSarre, PsyD, attributes her fierce critical thinking and social justice stance as being formed by her life experiences and honed by her undergraduate education in the Bachelors of Arts Completion Program at CIIS. Dr. LeSarre's teaching is fueled by Cornell West's quote, "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public." Monique believes that in order to create individual and community healing, it is most effective to work on multiple levels of the system, beginning with individuals, families, and groups, and on academic, training, research, advocacy and policy levels. In her teaching in the School of Undergraduate Studies, she brings all of her clinical psychology training, her community work with Insight Prison Project's Restorative Justice projects in San Quentin and SF Probation Adult Re-entry programs, her clinical work with children and families in SF's Bayview District, and her research and advocacy work on the African American Trauma Summit Taskforce, the SF Mental Health Services Act Advisory Board, and the SFDPH's Cultural and Linguistic Competency Task Force. Additionally, Monique serves as the Director of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Project at CIIS, recruiting, retaining, training and supporting historically underrepresented groups in the five master's in counseling programs. Her current passion projects in that role are piloting an Indigenous Wellness Training series and co-hosting the Michelle Alexander fundraiser for formerly incarcerated students to come into the BAC program.

Listen to a conversation between Dr. Monique LeSarre and Janet Gallin on the podcast Love Letters Live.

Dr. Monique LeSarre will be a part of a teacher training on Islam and Muslims in the U.S. on September 14.

To learn more about Dr. Monique LeSarre's work, visit her website.

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