Photo of Lisa Rapalyea Lisa Rapalyea

Adjunct Faculty
Human Sexuality
School of Consciousness and Transformation

PhD, University of California at Davis


Lisa Rapalyea holds a PhD in Human Development, an MS in Child Development, and bachelor's degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of California at Davis. She teaches Human Sexuality, Family and Social Issues, Social and Personality Development, Adulthood and Aging, Research Methods, and other developmental courses at UC Davis and California State University at Sacramento; she also mentors student researchers. Dr. Rapalyea's interests span multiple fields and include a range of professional and personal experiences.

Early in her career, Dr. Rapalyea did cell biology research; later, she utilized her sports background as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), athlete, and coach to work on projects involving her main academic interests in sports and physical activity. That work led to research on the intersection of sports involvement and character (her dissertation topic), and sports involvement and academic outcomes. Her experience as a sorority advisor and teacher of human sexuality has influenced her current research projects exploring the intersection of sports and sexuality, and sexual issues involving sororities and fraternities to increase safety awareness.

Dr. Rapalyea has presented lectures on Taking Care of the Sexual Body, Dealing with Disabilities, Eating Disorders, Performance-Enhancing Drugs/Substances for Sports and Exercise, Contraceptives, Child and Adolescent Sexuality, Love and Communication, and Sexually Transmitted Infections. She also spent three years developing psychoeducational standardized tests and shepherding products to digital format, utilizing her computer tech experience and skills, for a publisher catering to the special-education market.

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