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You may be thinking about therapy because something difficult has recently surfaced in your life. Or perhaps you have been dealing with difficulties for a long time and you are needing to explore new options. No matter what you bring, I believe that simply by showing up as you are and with some willingness to grow, the therapeutic relationship can be deeply transformative.

A first step in this work may involve surrendering to the unknown, trusting that change is possible, and that you deserve it- this is significant in and of itself. On this journey, we will begin to draw our curiosity towards your relationships with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as your relationship with your self and with others. Together, with compassion and non judgement, we can explore the rich landscape of your experience and bring forth new ways of engaging with the world.

In therapy I would like to help you explore what is and is not working in your life so that we can enliven aspects of yourself that may or may not yet be accessible, such as creativity, spaciousness, and vitality. By dedicating yourself to this process, I hope that your authentic voice and way of being in the world can be called forth. Therapy will provide a unique healing relationship which you can take with you forever. I believe that this a gift to yourself that will last a lifetime.

Whatever your needs are, you can bring them all in with you. I look forward to working with you.

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