Kerubo Abuya, Adjunct Lecturer in the Transformative Studies and Transformative Leadership online PhD and MA at CIIS Kerubo Abuya

Adjunct Lecturer
Transformative Leadership
Transformative Inquiry Department
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

PhD, Saybrook University

MBA, Colorado State University; MS, Southern Polytechnic State University
B. Ed. University of Nairobi, Kenya

Kerubo Abuya earned a PhD in Organizational Systems (Organizational Leadership and Transformation) from Saybrook University. As a social scientist, educator, consultant, coach, intersectional Afro-feminist, and activist-scholar, she utilizes participatory action research/emancipatory praxis, complexity and systems theory, critical theory, critical feminism, critical pedagogy, partnership theory, transformative learning, dialogue, public narrative/stories, organizing, and other transformative pedagogies and interventions, to develop or enhance leaders’ capacity to lead transformative social systems change and cultural transformation. Some of her work explores multilayered intersections of complexity, social systems design/analysis/change, values-based leadership, culture, gender, and human rights. 

Kerubo partners with multisectoral leaders - technology, business, governmental, civil society, educational, cultural, religious, political, community, grassroots - to develop or enhance their capacity to lead transformative change, facilitate, and manage, the human side of organizational change. She has presented at various local, regional, international, academic and nonacademic conferences, and volunteered in rural, urban, and grassroots social justice initiatives. 

Her articles have been published in: Praxis: Journal of Gender & Cultural Critiques at State University of New York Oneonta’s Department of Africana and Latino Studies; International Journal of Partnership Studies, Feminist Africa (published by the African Gender Institute), and others. She is an editorial member of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (published by University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Libraries) and was selected to participate in the 2021 International Leadership Association’s, ‘Advancing Research in Women and Leadership Academic Colloquium’ - “From Intent to Action”. 

Kerubo’s current writing projects include: a) a book chapter for the Routledge International Handbook for Creative Futures (co-edited by Alfonso Montuori and Gabrielle Donnelly) – a reflective essay from a pedagogical perspective on using self as instrument to co-create a conducive environment for the emergence of transformative learning and change, b) a book based on her dissertation research, c) a book (co-authored with Roselyn Akombe) on Abagusii women’s leadership contributions and the challenges they face in the private and public spheres, and, d) a book on the traditional, spiritual dimension of the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) amongst the Abagusii of Kenya and its impact on social transformation.

Kerubo utilizes humanizing pedagogical frameworks to engage people at the cognitive and affective levels, as well as evoke and enable the operationalization of values embedded in the African philosophies of Ubuntu, Utu (Kiswahili), and Obomwanyabanto (Ekegusii) to inspire evolutionary and revolutionary ways of being in leadership for transformative change through action. She is Kenya-American, a human rights and social justice activist, and grateful mother to an amazing young adult daughter.

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