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My intention is to co-create a space of compassionate presence where transformational healing can take place, and I believe that the relationship between client and therapist can be the most valuable and powerful catalyst for healing. My goal as a therapist is to hold space so that each client can become more of who they really are, and begin to let go of anything that may be holding them back from being their authentic selves. I welcome all parts of you- especially those parts that have been neglected or abandoned by yourself or others.

I am passionate about helping highly sensitive people connect with and honor their gifts and to live with more ease and peace of mind in a world that can be especially difficult to navigate as a sensitive empathic person.

I have much to offer folks struggling with addiction of all kinds, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, food addiction, anxiety, trauma, depression, shame, grief and loss, codependency, and am committed to providing support for those in recovery. I believe that every client is unique and I work with each individual based on their personal needs and intentions for therapy. My eclectic approach is a combination of relational therapy, transpersonal therapy, energy healing, meditation techniques, attachment theory, psychosynthesis/parts work, intuitive psychotherapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

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