Image of Judy Grahn, Associated Distinguished Professor in the Integral Transpersonal Psychology online PhD at CIIS Judy Grahn

Associated Distinguished Professor
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation

PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies

BA, San Francisco State University

Judy Grahn has been an activist and artist for LGBT rights and Women's rights all her adult life. She received her BA from SF State University in Women's Studies, and her Ph.D. from California Institute of Integral Studies in 1999, after doing field-work in South India comparing goddess rituals to menstrual rituals. She has published 14 books; her work is known worldwide. Her research experience includes Sumerian and other mythology, interviews, correlational studies, field research, and videography of rituals in South India. Her areas of interest include mythology and poetry; uses of poetry in activism; LGBTQ mythology; lesbian-feminist history; woman-centered studies; women's spirituality; goddess studies in contemporary as well as ancient contexts; consciousness in nature; Sumerian poetry, especially the poetry of Inanna; Gertrude Stein as a philosopher; menstrual ritual as source of culture; Metaformic philosophy. Also: performance of poetry and music; interdisciplinary arts.

Judy Grahn's CV

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