Jorge N Ferrer Jorge N Ferrer

East-West Psychology, Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation

PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies; Lic. Psicologia Clinica, University of Barcelona

BA equivalent, University of Barcelona

Jorge N Ferrer, Ph.D., holds a degree of Lic. Psicologia Clinica (1991) from the University of Barcelona (Spain), where he also carried out doctoral research on the electrophysiology of Soto Zen meditation. He has served as the chair of the EWP department, as well as been a fellow of "La Caixa" Foundation, a research fellow of the Catalonian Council, and an ERASMUS scholar at the University of Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom).

Ferrer is the author of Revisioning Transpersonal Theory: A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality (SUNY Press, 2002) and Participation and the Mystery: Transpersonal Essays in Psychology, Education, and Religion (SUNY Press, 2017), as well as the co-editor of The Participatory Turn: Spirituality, Mysticism, Religious Studies (SUNY Press, 2008).

His writings have also appeared in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, The Journal of Transformative Education, Psychology and Sexuality, Sexuality and Culture, Approaching Religion, Studies in Holistic Education, Journal of Holistic Psychology, ReVision: The Journal of Consciousness and Transformation, The Scientific and Medical Network Review, The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, Transpersonal Psychology Review, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Kosmos: An Integral Approach to Global Awakening, and Tikkun: Politics, Spirituality, Culture, among other journals. He currently serves on the editorial board of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality and Health International, The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, The Journal of Transpersonal Research, Transpersonal Psychology Review, and The Journal of New Paradigm Research. Several of his books and articles have been translated into different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Japanese. His most recent writings have focused on the Spiritual But Not Religious movement, transbinary intimate relationships beyond monogamy and polyamory, and the epistemological challenge of of shared psychedelic visions.

Ferrer is considered one of the main architects of second-wave transpersonalism and his participatory approach to spiritual knowing and religious pluralism is widely discussed in academic journals and conferences. He teaches courses on transpersonal and integral studies, comparative mysticism, participatory theory, scholarly writing and theoretical research, embodied spiritual inquiry, and spiritual perspectives on sexuality and relationships, as well as offers workshops, seminars, and presentations on integral spirituality and education both nationally and internationally. Featured in The Journal of Transformative Education, Religion and Education, and Journal of Holistic Education, his participatory integral pedagogy is the focus of Yoshiharu Nakagawa and Yoshiko Matsuda's Transformative Inquiry: An Integral Approach (Kyoto, Japan: Institute of Human Sciences, 2010), an anthology of writings based on Ferrer's teaching at Ritsumekian University, Kyoto.

In 2000 Ferrer received the Fetzer Institute's Presidential Award for his seminal work on consciousness studies. In 2009 he was selected to become an advisor to the organization Religions for Peace at the United Nations on a research project aimed at solving global interreligious conflict. He was borm in Barcelona. For more information please see:

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