Jinglei Mou, China Faculty in the Applied Psychology online Master's of Art at CIIS Jinglei Mou

China Faculty
Applied Psychology
School of Professional Psychology and Health

PhD Candidate in Psychology, Peking University

I am a PhD candidate in Psychology, Peking University. My research interests mainly include psychological trauma, dissociation, suicide and crisis intervention. My graduation thesis, “Using machine learning to predict college students' suicide crisis”, won the first National Excellent Master's Thesis in Applied Psychology.

I am a co-partner of DARU Psychology Counseling Center, also as a intake interviewer, counselor, training instructor, supervisor (internship), psychology product R & D personnel.

I used to work as a full-time psychological counselor in the Student Psychological Counseling Center of PKU. During my tenure, I was the project manager of the crisis intervention hotline of PKU. Also I was in charge of tree hole network crisis intervention. I conducted several lectures on crisis identification and intervention for different departments and colleges.

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