Jacob Needleman is a member of the Council of Sage of California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS, in San Francisco (CA). Find out more about our graduate degrees and our bachelor continuation program. Jacob Needleman

Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University


Council of Sages

Jacob Needleman was educated in philosophy at Harvard, Yale and the University of Freiburg, Germany. He has also served as Research Associate at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, as a Research Fellow at Union Theological Seminary, as Adjunct Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of California Medical School and as guest Professor of Religious Studies at the Sorbonne, Paris (1992). He is the author of The New Religions, a pioneering study of the new American spirituality, The Wisdom of Love, Money and the Meaning of Life, A Sense of the Cosmos, Lost Christianity, The Heart of Philosophy, The Way of the Physician, Time and the Soul, Sorcerers, a novel, The American Soul, Why Can't We Be Good? and The Essential Marcus Aurelius.

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