Hodari A. Touré Hodari Toure

Associated Assistant Professor
Anthropology and Social Change
School of Consciousness and Transformation

PhD, MA, BA, University of California, Berkeley

Hodari A. Touré received his doctorate from UC Berkeley in the School of Education in Social and Cultural Studies.  His research in anthropology and education reflects a strong emphasis on inner city African-Americans and has resulted in an interest in organic community discourse which he calls “block pedagogy.”  He states, “It is a discourse which reflects the constant negotiation of identity, power and privileged knowledge.”  His current interests include exploring neighborhood discourse practices of urban youth to produce new and/or alternative knowledge bases to supplement institutional educational lapses; making visible the invisible perch from which Whiteness is rooted; integrating African epistemological and phenomenological approaches into the context of educational research; and contextualizing how hegemony is passed through urban public schools and its effects on the educational trajectories of Black students.  Prof. Touré has taught courses at UC Berkeley focused on Gender and Women’s Studies, Transnational Feminism, and Diversity and (In)Equality in Education.

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