crystallee crain transformative studies Crystallee Crain

Transformative Studies, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice & Commissioner for Human Rights, City of Portland
School of Social Work
Portland State University

Oregon, US

The Transformative Studies program gave me a space to learn and heal while I became a scholar. I enjoyed the program and the ways it challenged me to think about myself as an agent of change and while developing my ways of knowing and being in a changing world. I was empowered by this degree to create new knowledge with and among marginalized groups. I felt that it was important to validate the experiences of the voiceless and disenfranchised as a pillar of my academic experience. I felt supported by CIIS in this endeavor.

Exploring the Impact of Community & State Violence among Black Women in Oakland, CA

The goal of my dissertation was to highlight experiences of violence that black women have. These violent responses to our life shape our reality in the United States. By using a framework of community and state violence my goal was to develop a more critical narrative on the ways in which individuals, groups, and the state perpetuate harm against black women. The finding provided a mirror into the realities of survivors of violence that include how and when circumstances took place as well as solutions. A major finding was the role of public sector employees, like teachers and social workers and the ways in which their lack of discretion and care perpetuated harm against black women.


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