Craig Garfinkel Craig Garfinkel

Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology Department
School of Professional Psychology and Health
Community Mental Health

Ph.D. Meridian University; M.A. New York University; B.A. Johns Hopkins University

Craig Garfinkel, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, music therapist, clinical supervisor and educator. His work focuses on catalyzing transformation in communities through creative ritual, weaving together expressive arts, somatic and transpersonal approaches to clinical work. Craig studied traditional ritual in Africa and India and introduced Expressive Arts Therapy to South Asia as a Fulbright Scholar. He has taught internationally and worked in diverse settings including medical and psychiatric hospitals, clinics, schools, and senior centers.

Over the past twenty years, Craig has developed innovative MFT training programs that have brought counseling services to underserved community settings. He is the Founding Director of the Integrative Therapy Training Program at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, which provides emotional support to medically hospitalized patients and their families. He is also the founder of Creative Health Services Psychology Group, which provides counseling services in K-5 after-school programs in San Francisco and Oakland.

Out of his experiences as a clinician and supervisor, Craig has developed an integrative model of psychotherapy, which reveals basic developmental patterns across different theories. The principles of this model support effective clinical work with diverse populations. His mission as an educator is to make psychological theory practical, relevant, and easy to understand for beginning therapists.

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