Image of Christopher Tyler, Associated Distinguished Professor in the Integral Transpersonal Psychology online PhD at CIIS Christopher Tyler

Associated Distinguished Professor
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation

DSc, PhD, University of Keele

MSc, University of Aston; BA, University of Leicester

Christopher Tyler's CV 

Christopher Tyler's work centers on human visual neuroscience and computational vision, especially in the areas of stereoscopic depth, form, symmetry, and motion perception in adults, and the development of tests for the diagnosis of eye diseases in infants and adults. He was the inventor of the free-viewing technique for 3D images known as 'Magic Eye' autostereograms. The current focus of his lab is on theoretical, psychophysical, oculomotor and fMRI studies of the way that the brain integrates the cues for the full scope of 3D depth perception. These interests extend to the analysis of depth cues throughout the history of artistic representation, and the development of theoretical approaches to the nature of consciousness and the demystification of its relationship to the conceptualization framework of quantum physics.

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