Luisah Teish Chief Luisah Teish

Guest Speaker
Women's Spirituality

Chief Luisah Teish, PhD is a writer, performer, and public speaker.

She is the author of Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, a women's spirituality classic.

She has performed in venues such as St. John the Divine Cathedral, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (New York)

La Casa de la Poesia (Caracas, Venezuela), the Galaxy Theater (Auckland, New Zealand) and the Scottish Rite Temple (Oakland, Ca.)

Teish designs and directs ritual theater performances. Ase Theater is an ensemble of multi-racial, multi-cultural artists, ritualists and community activists who are committed to addressing eco-spiritual issues such as the sacredness of water, and honoring the indigenous cultures of the world.

Teish conducts workshops, and delivers lectures and keynote speeches on a variety of subjects including Goddesses, Queens, and Spirit Women of the African diaspora, Eco-Feminist Mythology , and Spiritual Life Guidance for Women.

She has lectured at Harvard University (Boston), UCLA (Los Angeles, Ca.), Reed College (Portland, Oregon), Tulane University (New Orleans, LA.), and Spelman College (Atlanta Ga.)

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