Cheryl Dawson Cheryl Dawson

Adjunct Lecturer
Women's Spirituality
Philosophy and Religion Department
School of Consciousness and Transformation

MDiv, Graduate Theological Union

MA, New College of California; BA, California State University, Hayward

Ms. Dawson is a generous, courageous and spirit filled woman whose life clearly demonstrates her commitment to serve others. Specifically, she has developed programs that have impacted a multitude of women. Her vocation is known and appreciated locally, and internationally as well. Ms. Dawson's work stands on a strong principal of restoration and it offers a second chance, as many times as it takes, for women who have been vanquished by life, and who are in fact in need of rescue as well as a break through.

The work offers a gender specific modality for women. Culturally specific paradigms address the over representation of African American women in the criminal justice system, while affording women of all ethnicities and traditions an opportunity for transformation and the acquisition of a life style in which one can truly afford healing and hope.

She has served as a consultant for the State Department of Public Health in Louisiana, the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Dublin California and she has provided leadership as a trainer and a clinician for the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. Additionally, she has contributed as adjunct faculty at JFK University in Pleasanton, in the department of Graduate Psychology as well as the San Francisco Community College in the Department of Health.

Ms. Dawson has facilitated womanist restorative justice workshops in Kampala, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gonaives, Haiti.

Ms. Cheryl Dawson is the recipient of the 2012 NAACP Justice and Community Service Award.

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