Armand Volkas, Adjunct Faculty in the MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy at CIIS Armand Volkas

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Counseling Psychology Department
School of Professional Psychology and Health
Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy

MA, Antioch University; MFA, University of California, Los Angeles

BA, California State University, Pomona

Armand Volkas, MFA, MA, MFT, RDT/BCT, is Clinical Director of The Living Arts Counseling Center in Berkeley California.  Armand is the creator of Healing the Wounds of History, a transformative process in which the theatre techniques are used to work with groups carrying legacies of intercultural conflict and historical trauma. For the last 30 years, Armand has also been the Artistic Director of The Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble, a troupe of actors and musicians who “play back” personal stories in ways that both honor and illuminate the original experience. 

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