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The act of reaching out for support is one of courage in the original sense of the word: that is, an act that comes from the heart. This initial impulse to open the self to new possibilities in the care of another is one that I honor throughout our journey together. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing space in which all parts of you can emerge and be met with compassion, respect, and curiosity. For many of us, our connection to ourselves has been dampened: by other voices proclaiming they know better; by survival needs; by patterns that we no longer see were once habits that became our reality. Therapy can help us rediscover a connection to the self that is able to be vital, spontaneous, and responsive. This connection is innate and deep within each of us, but it often requires relationship to blossom. The warmth and acceptance of the relationship we create together is the ground from which new partnerships with your innate capacities can grow.

I invite people of all backgrounds and life experiences to this work, and have particular interests in working with trauma, anxiety, life transitions, grief, and body issues, including chronic shame and self-harming behaviors. Along with a fundamental commitment to the craft of psychotherapy, my work is informed by my backgrounds in yoga, meditation, and the creative industries. Above all, I imbue my work with gratitude and awe for this shared journey of humanity.

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