Photo of Amy Merickel Amy Merickel

My approach gives you a safe space for tapping into all parts of yourself. What is your current experience? Are you in a time of crisis or deep suffering that needs support? Or are you wishing to set aside time for yourself to reflect and grow? Are there any identity considerations, relationship issues, challenging life events, or constraints that are making life harder? I consider the many factors interwoven in each person's experience with warmth and compassion.

Working mindfully I can support you in developing more awareness of yourself holistically - mind, heart, body, and spirit. Together we can explore your history and wounding, while identifying your needs and looking for deeper meaning in your life. Our work will be tailored to what you would like to get out of it, with your interests and boundaries at the center. Being entrusted with the depths of people's histories, journeys, and vulnerabilities is an honor. My goal is to collaborate to support your healing. I welcome working with people of all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders, and lifestyles.

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