Amrita Ghosh, PhD, Adjunct Faculty in the Transformative Studies online PhD at CIIS Amrita Ghosh

Adjunct Lecturer
Transformative Studies
Transformative Inquiry Department
School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT)

PhD, Drew University

MA, Rutgers University

Amrita Ghosh, PhD, specializes in Postcolonial literature and theory. She has had a fellowship at Cornell University, Critical Theory School during summer 2008. In her doctoral dissertation, she studies the representation of borders and border crossings by human and nonhuman subjects in the aftermath of the Partition of the Indian subcontinent. She did a postdoc from Linnaeus University, Center of Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies. During the postdoc she worked on emerging literature, films and visual texts on and from Kashmir, representing the conflict in myriad ways. Her monograph on this project is now under contract with Lexington Books, Rowan & Littlefield, USA, titled, Kashmir’s Necropolis: New Literature and Visual Texts, 2020. Apart from that, she is also co-editing an anthology: Tagore and Yeats: A Postcolonial Reenvisioning that encompasses various issues of translation, authorship, the Nobel controversy between the two writers, and newly covered material about art, performativity and rethinking modernism through the two iconic writers. Ghosh has been published in the field of postcolonial studies and border studies. After her Phd, Ghosh was a full time lecturer in the English Department, at Seton Hall University, USA (2012-2017). She also is the co-editor of Cerebration, a peer-reviewed, biannual literary journal that strives to bring academic and non-academic circles in a dialogue.

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