Afia Walking Tree Afia Walking Tree

Adjunct Lecturer
Women's Spirituality
Philosophy and Religion Department
School of Consciousness and Transformation

M.Ed, Bank Street College of Education

Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed is a world-class percussionist, cultural ambassador, spiritual activist, empowerment facilitator, leadership development advocate and trainer.

Walking Tree's drumsongs are prayers of gratitude for the generosity of spirit. Her lyrics are evolutionary teachings, addressing present day issues of social justice, freedom, healing and self-love. Her first solo CD, entitled Soul Affirmationz is now available.

For over 14 years, Walking Tree has served as visionary director of her brainchild, Spirit Drumz, an international organization that prioritizes women and youth of all cultures to utilize African Diasporic drumming, dancing, storytelling to activate empowerment and healing.

A self-taught musician for the most part. She then sought out her first teachers and since 1990 has been immersed extensive study of African Diasporic drum, dance, culture, and shamanism in West Africa (Guinea/Ghana), Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines, Bali, Thailand, London, and the US.

Her repertoire includes the integration of traditional Afro-Cuban (Congas, Shekeres, Bells, Bongos, Batas, Culture), Afro-Caribbean (Nyabingi, Steel Pan, Calypso), West African (Djembe, Dununs, Krin, Gongoma, Kpanlogo, Ngoma, Dance, Song, Storytelling, Culture), Afro-Haitian (Manman, Segon, Boula), Afro-Brazilian (Surdo, Repinique, Agogo, Ganza, Tamborim), Middle Eastern, (Dumbek, Riqq, Bodran), Indonesian Gamelan, Japanese Taiko, Voice, Body Percussion, and dance.

Walking Tree's holistic humanist approach to her life and work is evident in her affirmation-based sound powah transpersonal workshops and energizing performances, which empower individuals and community through percussion, ritual, dance, song, and dialogue.

In 2005, Walking Tree journeyed to West Africa, Guinea and Ghana, where she furthered her mastery with griots and shamans in drum, dance, culture, and wellness. And from December 2008 to January 2009, she returned to one of the small fishing villages in Guinea, called Roume, with 33 westerners from all over the world, and immersed this international group in Guinea drum, dance and culture.

Afia met her Ancestral family through Jules Stept in 2002. It was Jules who introduced Afia to her spiritual oracle Ma Ajuba, also endeared as Orisa Oke, Nana Buruku, Nana Bukuun of the West African Ifa pantheon.

Walking Tree has a long-standing performance history that began in the church choir with her mother as an adolescent and later in college when she recited her first poems in public. 

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Spirit Drumz Ensemble: Five Women Drum Masters students and lead drummer, Afia Walking Tree drum and dance Yamama, a rhythm from Guinea, West Africa

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