CIIS has made the decision to move the majority of its classes to virtual access / webinar format until the end of the Summer semester.

We recognize that some classes cannot be put into remote format. Faculty will contact students directly with information about the determined format during this time.

Students — Learn Anywhere

All students in virtual access / webinar classes will have access to the technology. Access is from a stationary computer that allows participants to listen, view, and participate in the learning environment. (Note: virtual access / webinar classes will only be used for synchronous access and will not be recorded.)

Classes are not being cancelled. Classes will be held at regularly scheduled times. Students are expected to attend and to be attentive.

For technical questions about virtual access / webinar technology, contact Ben Cline-Suzuki, Director, Online Learning, 415-575-6111.

For course questions, contact your professor.

If you are symptomatic of coronavirus, have been diagnosed with it, or have been in proximity to someone who has been, please contact Student Affairs, Yunny Yip:

For information on the Library and resources, download here.

Faculty — Teach Anywhere

We recognize that teaching in a virtual space will be an adjustment for some individuals. We have assembled a group of faculty members who are experienced in online instruction to provide peer support and suggestions, as needed. Support will also be provided by the Office of Online Learning (OOL).

We recognize that this switch to remote access will require changes to planning and delivery. A Virtual Teaching Guide is available for all faculty at MyCIIS.

For Everyone

We are aware that, for many faculty and students, CIIS is more than a place to come for classes. We are drawn to the sense of community and belonging. We are in the middle of an unprecedented challenge, and we are all, individually and together, striving for balance. We thank you for your patience and flexibility, and are here to support you in the ways you need.

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