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Therapy is an exploration, a mutual co-creation, a place to bring all of ourselves, from the darkest to the lightest. It is a place to be witnessed and seen by another. My goal is to witness your journey in a compassionate, empathetic way, not to dictate what healing will look like for you. I believe that we all have the seeds of our healing planted within us, and I am here with you to discover where those seeds are.

 I approach this work through an experiential, relational-somatic lens. The relationship we build together provides both of us insight into patterns, old habits, and ways of being that serve you, and may also no longer serve you. Experiential work means using different exercises and practices to find these places within you and explore them together. There are no right or wrong answers.

 I am most interested in working with people who are living with HIV, chronic diseases, developmental trauma, PTSD, and depression. I recognize that as humans, we all hold many similarities along with differences. If you resonate with how I work and have different reasons for seeking therapy, I also welcome you.