Center for Somatic Psychotherapy (CSP) Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee Stephanie Francis-Ecoffey Stephanie Francis-Ecoffey

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
James Baldwin

You may be going through life thinking you are inherently bad or unworthy of love or happiness. Maybe you feel these things deep inside and don't know where they stem from. Working relationally from an attachment lens, we will recognize the impact of early experiences on thought processes and ways of being that you feel no longer serve you. I will hold space for you to show up in your fullness.
My work is collaborative and experiential in nature. I view therapy as a journey you're so graciously allowing me to join you on. As a therapist I am warm, curious, and welcoming of all parts of your identity. My work is somatic, meaning we incorporate the body into our process. This looks different for everyone and may include movement or attention to the breath or gestures for example. Though my therapeutic orientation is somatic, I understand that the body is not a place that feels safe for everyone. Our therapeutic process will honor where you are by going at a pace that's manageable for you and respects your inner wisdom.