Odessa Perez

Fundamental to my work is the belief that you are already whole, and the healing you seek is already known somewhere inside of you. Somatic therapy is a practice of fine-tuning your body awareness so that its wisdom can guide you to deeper well-being, stability, and joy in your life. We do this in a relational and collaborative field, building trust and safety between us as we deepen into the material you need help with.

Drawing from my background in dance, bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy, I bring kinesiological and touch-based knowledge into the room. My approach is influenced by attachment theory, psychodynamics, polyvagal theory, Hakomi, and trauma-informed care, through developmental and social justice lenses. As a biracial, white-presenting Latina, I hold both indisputable white privilege as well as more hidden intergenerational systemic oppression.

 In session, somatic explorations can include mindfulness, imagery, breath, gesture, touch, and movement, depending on your needs and inquiries. I have experience working with individuals and groups, particularly regarding attachment and developmental trauma, life transitions, coping and healing from physical injury and illness, and reducing anxiety.