Margey DeCuir

Fundamentally, I believe that my clients hold the expertise and wisdom required to enable their healing. As a clinician, I aim to maintain a safe, nonjudgmental container that allows a greater knowing and acceptance of yourself. Through collaborative dialogue, and integrative body-mind explorations, we work together to reveal and nurture those tender parts longing to be seen and heard.

I work dynamically with clients, with a driving passion for social justice and the liberation of all bodies. My theoretical perspective, founded in Body Psychotherapy of the Reichian tradition, centers on self-acceptance and body-mind integration to allow a fluid experience of oneself.

My somatic journey began as a certified Esalen Massage Practitioner, specializing in craniosacral, structural integration, prenatal, and infant massage. Working with mothers and infants has informed my understanding of the human experience as unique and multifaceted.

Identifying as an active member of the Queer, Kink/BDSM, and ethically non-monogamous communities, I am proud to serve folx identifying with diverse sexual and gender identities.