Dylan Johnson

The body is the vessel in which we navigate this existence. Throughout our lives, our body is exposed to many different experiences. Some of these experiences leave imprints inour body, which can manifest in many different ways. I believe that every individual has an innate wisdom that is unique to their own experience. My approach to therapy is to facilitate this unique bodily wisdom by providing unconditional support anda non-judgmental curiosity to my clients. I believe that everyone is capable of healing and living their best life, however that may look. Together, we can work to heal, facilitate personal growth, and strengthen the mind/body/soul connection.

I am an experienced Reiki energy practitioner. I use the fundamental aspects of the Hakomi modality to help inform and guide the therapy process, which includes elements such as mindfulness, organicity, and non-violent communication. I also enter the therapy with a “trauma-lens,” meaning that I work with clients to reduce any symptoms of trauma, and with nervous system/bodily regulation.