Courtenay Houk Courtenay Houk

There is no “right” way to be human.

 Our therapy begins with how you are showing up, in this very moment. By exploring your current somatic organization, we embark on a journey in which we find clues about how you relate to yourself and your environment. From there, we will discover what parts of yourself you are wanting to nourish and cultivate. It is not my desire to change you, or to inspire you to be anyone but who you already are. Your body is our best teacher and I am excited about the possibilities we can grow together.

 My approach is informed by Formative Psychology (Stanley Keleman), which has drawn inspiration from the works of Wilheim Reich, Nina Bull and William Sheldon. Behind my practice, lies the belief that by participating in our embodiment, we can generate authentic power and agency in our lives.

 As a clinician, I am warm, direct and relational. I identify as Pennsylvania-German, bi-sexual and bi-cultural, and I speak some Mandarin Chinese.

 "I learned that I am my body. My body is me. I am not a body; I am some-body.” – Stanley Keleman (Your Body Speaks Its Mind)