Center for Somatic Psychotherapy (CSP) Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee Cara Gereau Cara Gereau

My goal in healing work is to support my client's natural growth and exploration. We will work together with your insights and challenges so that you can heal and grow past any limits you are finding to your own creative resources and possibilities.

Our world and culture mandate that we develop defenses to survive through complex environments. Those patterns can often stay with us long past their usefulness and leave us feeling limited and disconnected from ourselves and others. Somatic Psychotherapy incorporates your body, emotions, mind and spirit to support and integrate your desired shifts.

I bring a humanistic and trauma-informed perspective to my work and have training in many psychodynamic theories which I incorporate with somatic practices. I have experience in child and infant development as well as experience with mindfulness and couples work. The breadth and diversity of my background and career experience facilitates my ability to assist and support you through life's many challenges.