Ariel Reiner

Many of us want the same things: to feel safe, to love and be loved, to be seen, heard and supported, and to be at home in our bodies. However, being a human is complicated, and when presented with more than is manageable, our bodies’ innate intelligence takes over and holds onto tough experiences for us. This is where somatic psychotherapy can help.

In therapy, I provide a warm and accepting space where we work together, respectfully exploring what nourishes you and what your needs, values, and aspirations are. We’ll explore what holds you back, where you’d like to see change, and what may support you in expressing your whole authentic self. We’ll gently and slowly uncover what experiences your body may be holding as they arise in the present moment and how to interpret your body's innate guidance and knowledge. I specialize in working with various types of trauma and hold a Masters degree in Coping with Crisis, Stress and Trauma. My work is informed by bioenergetics and spiritual psychology. I am passionate about supporting people in becoming fully embodied.

“The slower we go, the faster we get there” - My therapist