Abby Krumbein

We all deserve to feel safe and connected. Sometimes, overwhelming things happen that prevent us from feeling safe and settled in the world. In therapy, we support the strengths that have helped you survive and grow your capacity to move towards the life you long for. Whatever you are experiencing, be that anxiety, depression, or the pain of trauma or oppression, together we will collaborate to tend to what hurts and to nurture the vitality that already exists inside you. 

I approach this healing process somatically, meaning we will listen to your body’s sensations, breath, gesture, or movement as clues to guide the healing journey. I trust the body to find its way towards healing, just as I trust a seed to know how to break through the soil and find sunlight. In therapy, we will listen to and support your body’s knowing together. 

I bring a warm and compassionate presence to the therapeutic process. My work is inspired by modalities such as Hakomi, psychodynamics, attachment theory, and a social justice lens. I am honored to serve the LGBTQ community.