Patient Stories

"I incurred a rotator cuff injury at work and was seeking treatment elsewhere when a former ACTCM student informed me of the affordable massage services available at the ACTCM Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. My first visit with massage student Amy was a complete turnaround in my healing process. I felt that she was the first person to really understand what was going on in my body. I've had massages around the world from Beijing, China to New Delhi, India to Taipei, Taiwan, but Amy's treatment was the best I've ever had. She used all her combined knowledge of Tui Na and other techniques, nutrition, and stretches to bring me to a nearly complete recovery so I could return to work in two months. The ACTCM clinic is out of the way for me, but I will continue to come for my health."
–Clinic Patient

"This is a great clinic! I have a history of lower back pain coupled with sciatica and make same day appointments when my back pain is flaring up. I see an osteopath and physical therapist, but acupuncture is the only thing that provides lasting relief. I always walk out feeling better and can go several months between treatments. The students and their supervisors are wonderful people! I feel very taken care of when I am here."
–Meixing L.

"I went to this school as a last resort. I was suffering from diffuse alopecia (hair thinning) and also from astronomically high stress levels. I was grinding my teeth at night and getting headaches. The acupuncture helped immediately. I felt the effects during the night and the next morning. I did not grind my teeth that night. As for the hair loss, obviously, that takes longer to see effects. The acupuncture did help, but they effects wore off in about 4 days. They told me to fix my hair loss problems, I'll have to go for about 3 months. They were very positive about the whole thing. The desk staff is very nice and accommodating. They do accept credit cards. Everyone I encountered was nice. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place."
–Karry G.

"I have been going to ACTCM for approximately two years after being in a car accident that left me with back and neck pain. Every practitioner that has worked on me has always been kind, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Most of all, I like that they consult with their supervisor to assure they have chosen the best treatment for the patient. Last year, while my daughter was dying, I developed high blood pressure and suffered from depression, insomnia, memory loss, and exhaustion. Words cannot explain how much the staff at ACTCM helped me. I love Kayla and her students. Whenever the Tui Na massage clinic is offered, I go for a wonderful massage. I am now sleeping better, my blood pressure is down, my depression is diminishing, and my memory has improved. I've introduced my granddaughter to ACTCM and she now comes weekly...she loves this place just like her grandmother! I'm so happy I found ACTCM because not only do I get acupuncture, but I get acupuncture with LOVE!! Thank you ACTCM for everything you have done for me."
–Mauryne L.

"Absolutely wonderful community clinic! I have had such great treatments here that have helped me tremendously with my chronic lower back pain. I had two herniated discs and had not seen much improvement from physical therapy / strength training. After several treatments I am really seeing the health benefits and my constant pain has really subsided. If you are interested in trying acupuncture or want to be aggressive about treating your body, I think this is a perfect option. Because the rates are so affordable I can come in every week or two. The clinic is open late so I can come after work and they have a parking lot so no issues parking. Sometimes the practitioners are able to provide me with cupping and shiatsu. I feel truly blessed this is part of the San Francisco community."
–Nohe E.

"When I receive acupuncture on a regular basis during the flu season, I stay healthy while everyone around me gets sick. I am grateful for the fine services I receive at ACTCM!"

"I have suffered from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years. I decided to try acupuncture to augment my Western medical treatments. I have found that ACTCM has really helped me maintain a better overall health level than with just Western medicine alone. The students and staff at ACTCM are knowledgeable and friendly. I have recommended ACTCM to many people!"
–Henry Z.