By Shoshana Simons May 12, 2014

Expressive Arts Therapy Program Chair, Shoshana Simons and Alan Siegel, MD, Director, Art of Health & Healing, Contra Costa Health Services co-presented in April at the 2014 Global Alliance for Arts & Health 26th Annual International Conference in Houston, Texas. The theme of their presentation was Leveraging Partnerships for Direct Patient Care.

This presentation showed the collaboration between the Art of Health and Healing Program (AHH) in Contra Costa County, California, a safety net county health system and CIIS's MA Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) program. EXA student clinicians, interns and supervisors have been integrated into inpatient, outpatient, and staff settings. All program activities have been accomplished through a highly creative and effective use of modest resources. Alan and Shoshana discussed the accomplishments of the program so far, some of the obstacles they have faced, lessons learned, and future directions of growth.

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banner image, Ray's Sarcoma by Ray Paul & thumbnail image, Dichotomy by Gil Bruvel. Both are part of AHH's gallery of images and inspirations that embody the spirit of the Art of Health and Healing.

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