By Jessica Paden May 19, 2016

Brian Swimme and Brant Cortright brought theories of evolution and neurogenesis, respectively, to Google in early May.

As part of the Talks at Google series, Swimme, a Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness professor, offered a lecture about his recent work, Journey of the Universe. Cortright, a professor in the Integral Counseling Psychology department, spoke about his book, The Neurogenesis Diet.

Talks at Google is a program for the internal enrichment of the public, inviting authors, actors, artists, filmmakers, politicians, innovators, scientists, and other speakers to Google to talk about their most recent work.

Adam Leonard, an author on integral theory and Google executive, introduced Swimme, citing his unique ability to "bring back the wonder, the awe, the heart in science and in cosmology."

Swimme recounted for the audience the amazing story of evolution through the lens of modern science- from the birth of the universe, to the history of planet Earth, to the stages of hominin evolution.

His account, in contention with some older cultural narratives, pointed to our epoch's long-term consequences for humanity as a whole, and the possibilities of positive effects for future human evolution. Journey of the Universe has been adapted into a PBS film of the same title, winning an Emmy for best documentary in Northern California.

The lecture was a correlate of CIIS Public Programs' newly launched Technology and Consciousness series, public conversations featuring experts, thinkers, researchers, and authors as they explore the current state and future impact of technology on society and self.

"The Technology and Consciousness series is a great way of connecting with the growing tech audience in the Bay Area," says Britta Conroy-Randall, Director of Public Programs and Performances. "We're proud to be building bridges between CIIS and the tech industry by convening conversations, lectures, and other public programing."

In March, Cortright spoke at Google about his new book, The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle: Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life. The book brings together the latest in neuroscience research to present a new paradigm of brain health and aging, showing how the brain can produce new cells throughout our entire lives - a process called neurogenesis.

Cortright says of his experience at Google, "It was a real pleasure, and they were an exceptionally well informed audience. I found people there very interested in transformation."

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