By President Emerita Judie Wexler June 22, 2017

CIIS celebrates the pride, perseverance, and survival of the Bay Area’s LGBTQQI2SA communities. In June, as in every month, we acknowledge the struggles and victories in the community. We applaud the legal and social victories in the battle for dignity and civil rights for transgender and gender nonconforming people while we mourn and join in outrage over the ongoing murders of transwomen of color.

We honor the elders in the community and strive to support the young people who will continue the visioning and shaping of their many intersecting communities.

As the persecution of LGBT people escalates in parts of the world, including parts of our country, CIIS endeavors to provide a sanctuary for queer scholars and healers. We join in the celebration of Pride while acknowledging and committing to participating in and supporting the ongoing fights for justice, liberation, and self-determination.

While we strive to honor queer voices throughout all of the academic programs, student services, and academic life of the University, we especially recognize the work of our mental health and acupuncture clinics for offering compassionate, culturally nuanced, and accessible services to the whole Bay Area community for more than 40 years.

It is exhilarating to join with so many to celebrate Pride this month and as a part of the SF Pride March. The victories are real and substantial as is the need for perseverance. In today’s complex world, it is important to take the time to remember both.

Former President

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