By Judie Wexler September 20, 2019

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

It is so good to be back together, learning and putting our lessons into action! I am so proud of our students, faculty, and staff who have begun the semester by participating in the Global Climate Strike and in a week of climate action. They exemplify what CIIS is all about — learning about the astonishing variety and beauty of human beings and other creatures in our world and creating praxis, engaging with our communities, demanding change and embodying change within ourselves.

Below are opportunities for each of us to be part of the movement to address the climate crisis with direct action. These actions give us the chance to rely on one another, to embrace our vulnerability and wield it in service of climate justice.

We might also look at this week as a chance for each us to consider our personal next step as individuals and as members of neighborhoods, communities and worldwide webs of connection. How do we manifest our values in the world? Are we ready to spend days in protest? What are our strategies for being heard? More personally, in what ways can each of us change our lives to address our carbon footprint? Eat less meat? Drive fewer miles? As scholars, artists and healers, each of us is positioned to make a difference.

Judie Wexler
President Emerita
California Institute of Integral Studies

Please see below for more opportunities for activism around The Bay this weekend and next week.

Global Climate Strike

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