April 17, 2017

ACTCM at CIIS Executive Director Lixin Huang has been recognized for her lifelong commitment to bridge traditional Chinese medicine and wildlife conservation. During the final days of the Obama Administration, Huang was appointed as an advisor to the US Wildlife Trafficking Advisory Council. The council's purpose is to advise the Secretary of the Interior's Presidential Task Force on Wildlife Trafficking on national strategies to combat wildlife trafficking.

Lixin traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend an Advisory Council meeting with other leaders in wildlife trafficking to discuss implementation of the National Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking and priority areas for advice among other council business.

In February, Huang was also named a commisioner for the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), replacing former commisioner and current CIIS Interim President and Provost Judie Wexler. ACAOM is the official accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education for acupuncture and/or oriental medicine institutions. 

Among her other duties, Huang serves as an advisor for The National Council of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is a renowned leader and speaker in traditional Chinese medicine and global conservation. She was recently featured in two articles on the illegal animal trafficking trade and it's history in traditional chinese medicine in Scientific American and Time Magazine.

Read both articles below and learn more about the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Hard Truth about the Rhino Horn "Aphrodisiac" Market

The brazen slaying and dehorning of an endangered white rhino in a wildlife preserve near Paris last month spurred widespread outrage. Mainstream media coverage blamed its usual suspects: Asian men who supposedly buy rhino horn as a crude form of Viagra.

TCM Is Powerless to Stop the Rare Animal Trade

The array of shapes and sizes leaves one agog. A bull's penis is 2 ft. long and almost translucent; deer penis has a meaty, pink hue; snake penis looks like a bifurcated twig. "Snake penis has become more popular in China since the one-child policy ended," says restaurant manager Zhang Yang, sparking another cigarette.

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