March 27, 2019

Megan Lipsett
Integrative Health Studies
School of Professional Psychology and Health

Current Research
Megan Lipsett is currently researching biopsychosocial approaches to resilience, specifically the mechanisms by which social and environmental stressors result in negative psychophysiological consequences. This work identifies protective factors and adaptive coping strategies related to regulatory flexibility in the utilization of skills in stress management, emotional regulation, and cognitive reappraisal that may empower people during adverse experiences. She recently presented her research at the American Psychosomatic Society's annual conference.

In August 2019, she will launch an intervention for incoming freshman at Carnegie Mellon University entitled Mindful Response to A dversity: A S tre ss Resilience Training for Improving Mental Health in Students. The project is a collaboration with the Health and Human Performance Lab, and aims to improve stress resilience and mental health outcomes in at-risk freshman students.

Past Research
Megan Lipsett examines how our perceptions impact physiology (such as inflammatory biomarkers and cortisol), social connection, and long-term health behaviors underlying noncommunicable diseases. She focuses on translational work that informs how research on health mindsets can inform behavioral interventions and public policy.

Read Megan Lipsett's biography.

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