February 19, 2016

In ancient Greek philosophy, kairos signifies the right time or the "moment of transition." We believe that we live in such a transitional period. The most important task of social science in time of transformation is to transform itself into a force of liberation.

Kairos, an editorial imprint of the Anthropology and Social Change department housed in the California Institute of Integral Studies, publishes groundbreaking works in critical social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, geography, theory of education, political ecology, political theory, and history.

Series editor: Andrej Grubačić

  1. In, Against, and Beyond Capitalism: The San Francisco Lectures by John Holloway

  2. Anthropocene or Capitalocene? Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism edited by Jason W. Moore

  3. Birth Work as Care Work: Stories from Activist Birth Communities by Alana Apfel

  4. Wrapped in the Flag of Israel: Mizrahi Single Mothers, Israeli Ultranationalism, and Bureaucratic Torture by Smadar Lavie

  5. We Are the Crisis of Capital: A John Holloway Reader by John Holloway

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